Our Team: Ready to Meet Your Plastic Resin Needs

The I. Stern team is a group of dedicated individuals, committed to ensuring you receive the right plastic resin where and when you need it.

Please take a moment to read about our team and learn why I. Stern is so successful at helping our customers achieve success:

Gloriza Saladin, controller: "The most important thing is that we try. We're different because of our individualized attention and our trying to accommodate everybody. We're small enough that we can do that."

Sean Delaney, inside sales and logistics: "Our owners are very pointed in how they deal with the clients. The attention to detail is tremendous. Every person follows through meticulously."

Peter Lang, national sales manager, "We have built a customer-oriented national sales force second to none. Our sales people are dedicated to doing the job right the first time, and making life simpler for our customers"

Dave Maloney, "Our commitment to customer value has made I. Stern one of the fastest growing plastic distributors in the country"

Todd Stein, principal: "Our success is based on service and personal relationships. It's how well we take care of our customers."

Brian Miles, principal: "A lot of people depend on us. They're making items like housewares, cosmetics and bags. Our strength is just making our customers feel like they don't have to go anywhere else. That's a big responsibility."

Cary Krimsky, "Through creativity, reliability, and accountability, we continuously achieve our goal of exceeding customer expectations".

Contact us now to put our dedication and plastic resin expertise to work for your operation.