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Random copolymer is frequently used for injection molding, blow molding, film, thermoforming and transparent packaging, while impact copolymer is well-suited for injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion, film and pipe.

The list below includes only the most frequently purchased grades; click on a link to download the applicable data sheet. All other grades are available upon request – contact us now for more information on how our copolymer can benefit your operation.

Random Description Applications
2335c 35 melt Clarified Random Copolymer for Injection Molding Containers, bottles, toys

Impact Description Applications
3320 20 melt Copolymer for Injection Molding Housewares, small appliances, lawn and garden
3320NB 20 melt No Break Copolymer for Injection Molding Automotive, appliance, lawn & garden, rigid packaging
3335 35 melt No Break Copolymer for Injection Molding Closures, housewares, small appliances, toys